Decal Installation

Step 1.  Download whatever Decal you are going to be installing – notice the file you are downloading is a .zip extension.
Step 2.  You need WinRAR, WinZIP or 7Zip to extrac the contents of the zip file. Once extracted you should now have a “.apk” file.
Step 3.  Copy the APK file to anywhere on your SD-Card but make sure you remember where you placed it!
Step 4.  Using a file manager program such as Astro, or O/I File Manager find the folder where you placed the APK file.
Step 5. Select that file, Next choose Install

Step 6. Long press on your devices background (anywhere that’s clean/empty).
Step 7. Choose “Widgets” or “Android Widgets”
Step 8. Find the name of the Decal Widget you downloaded / installed. Select it.
Step 9. Enjoy

If you are still having a problem getting a decal to install on your device please post a comment and I will assist.