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Free Droidpirate Vinyl Decal

FREE DROIDPIRATE VINYL DECAL STICKER FOR FIRST 500 REGISTERED MEMBERS ON OUR STORE. The vinyl decal size is 4.15" x 4" inches. http://store.droidpirate.com/free-promo The Decal: The decals are vinyl, they do NOT have a background they are (transparent). The decals come with transfer tape already applied. All you need to do is peel it off the backing, Stick it, rub it down or squeegee it, then peel off the transfer tape. Decals will stick to almost any smooth flat surface. Materials: We use High Performance vinyl, 3.0 mil thick and has a six year outdoor… Read More

Droidpirate Store Now Online!

2014-04-30 21_07_54-Droidpirate.com
You can now order Android accessories from our newly launched Android store. http://store.droidpirate.com We've also been creating some awesome Android vinyl decals you can purchase. Here's a sample of what they look like: Click here for the full list Read More

Wallpaper Section Redesigned & Revamped!

We've spent the last week redesigning and revamping the Wallpaper section.  We made it now so wallpapers sections can be easily uploaded/updated. Users can also submit their own wallpaper creations. We are still working on getting all the Live Wallpaper images back online to fit the v2 layout of droidpirate. Read More

Help us out

We are currently working on the Stock Ringtone section trying to get a huge list of devices. Please send us your stock ringtones from your device. It's hard searching for them on Google due to the fact Megaupload, FileSonic and MultiUpload are gone. Send us your files where they will be safe on our server and available for the public to download. Send them to justin@droidpirate.com UPDATE 4/7/2012 Check out what we've uploaded so far.. have a device that isn't listed e-mail us! http://droidpirate.com/ring-tones-stock We will be doing the wallpapers section next week. We are… Read More

What device are you using?

We need to know which device(s) is currently most used by our visitors. Please leave a comment with your device model such as (Samsung Galaxy Nexus). If you are running a custom ROM on your device please specify. This is strictly for the MetaMorphs section of Droidpirate.com Other than that, all MetaMorph's are going to be updated and downloadable by device firmware. Such as "Froyo, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich". All MetaMorph's will be updated with a back to stock option. MetaMorph's will be for STOCK devices only unless your ROM creator did not switch… Read More

New site addition

Since we have been making tons of live wallpapers lately, we've opened a new site that's dedicated to still wallpaper Android based images and live wallpapers. The still images are going to be related to ANDROID based images only & custom ROM wallpapers. I've searched on Google and there are tons of Android wallpaper sites but they have nothing Android related? Anyways, we're getting back to the content shortly I was in a car accident last week and starting to feel normal again so bare with me. Help us out, upload your wallpapers to the… Read More

Porting Existing MetaMorphs to work on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

I am beginning to port all the existing MetaMorphs that exist on Droidpirate.com starting with the Battery Icons first. Below are the pages that have been completed and have been fully tested to work on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Completed Pages - Battery Icons Page 1 - Battery Icons Page 2 - Battery Icons Page 3 Read More

Adding Full Nexus/Ice Cream Sandwich Support

I will be spending the next few days on adding FULL MetaMorph support to all of the existing MetaMorphs that are on Droidpirate.com - Starting with Batteries, WiFi Notifications, Signal Notifications, 4G/3G Notifications, Alarm. Etc. Page 1 of the Batteries have been completed check 'em out and install them on your Galaxy Nexus today! 24 more pages to update on the Battery MetaMorphs! I figured I would get everything on Droidpirate updated before adding any new MetaMorphs just so we are not all over the place. ENjoy. Battery Icons for Galaxy Nexus / Ice Cream… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE

Just picked up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE yesterday, this is my first Samsung device I have ever purchased / owned. Trying to think of some modifications I can start doing on the device, however it looks so sleek out of the box its hard to figure out what to theme. Currently I am thinking of just doing different color options instead of switching the actual styles of the battery icons, notification bar, notification icons etc. But they are definitely in the works. Stay tuned I will have some how to articles posted here… Read More

Bug Found in New MetaMorph Application

If you have a Droid Bionic (well I only found the bug on this device) then you may want to uninstall the MetaMorph application and re-download THIS VERSION. I was working on a new theme guide and was re-flashing the Black Status Bar for Gingerbread devices / Droid Bionic. Everything looked as the theme was installing correctly. However once I rebooted the device I needed to do a battery pull because I was stuck in a loop. The boot loop was fixed however the entire Notification Bar was missing. I immediately installed root explorer so… Read More