DroidPirate Rants



Thanks to Stefanie for sending in this picture! Tons of updates are coming to Droidpirate.com but I have so little time to do so with the holidays upcoming but I am trying my hardest to get everything up and running fully. Droidpirate G-Tablet Custom ROM v1 I've been putting this off for along time now so I started getting back to work on it. It's a great ROM right now but I am trying to make it the BEST. The solutions I have provided for the ViewSonic G-Tablet have got nothing but great reviews and…
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Happy Thanksgiving From Droidpirate.com


Happy Thanksgiving!! Everyone have a happy and safe thanksgiving enjoy the holiday. Have fun Black Friday shopping if you get a new Droid smartphone or Tablet stop on by Droidpirate.com for some awesome tweaks & themeing ideas!    
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Happy Halloween from Droidpirate.com!


Happy Halloween from Droidpirate.com Thanks to Kirby for the killer pumpkin! Came out great!
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Happy Droid-O-Ween!!


It's droidpirate.com's 2nd Halloween and we've put the best content together to show off your Android device on Halloween time! Wallpapers Click on Wallpaper to download      Decals            Browse the Halloween / Horror Decals Whats a Decal??? Lock Patterns      Read More Information      Read More Information      Read More Information Themes      Created by ZT.art - Read More Information      Created by kovdev - Read More Information      Created by kovdev - Read More Information
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ICS Theme still in the works


The Ice Cream Sandwich theme is still in the works... I have been switching it up a lot there are already so many themes out right now for ICS, so I decided to change it up a bit.. Going to switch all the notification icons with a white glow seems like it adds a very nice touch to the theme. You can see a preview of the notification icon in work by checking out the battery. How's it look so far? Input, Comments let us know!
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Updates coming this weekend


Lots of updates in store for this weekend, my main objective is completely revamp the user interface, check the entire site for broken download links (yes I know there's a bunch). It's getting very hard and confusing trying to navigate for specific items now that there are so many modifications for a variety of devices. So the main section that is going to be getting the most updates/revamping is going to be the MetaMorph section of the site. I also am going to be cleaning up most of the multimedia sections such as Wallpapers, Ringtones,…
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Droidpirate T-Shirts Now in Stock!


Finally the t-shirts are now in stock however I only have large and medium currently, the shirts came out amazing. I really didn't think it would glow as much as it does but damn do they look nice!! Order today show your support! Order Now!
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Droidpirate T-Shirts Arriving This Week!


Droidpirate.com Glow in the Dark T-Shirts Arriving This Week! Place your order today before they are gone!
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Droidpirate App on Amazon Market


Droidpirate android application now available on the Amazon Market. Search "DroidPirate" or "MetaMorph" on the Amazon App Store However you can still purchase the application via PayPal- Check out our new DroidPirate application portal    
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Upcoming Gingerbread WiFi Notification MetaMorphs


I've just began testing the WiFi notification MetaMorphs for users running Gingerbread. You will notice once you apply the MetaMorph you will get a bunch of force close errors as you can see in the screen shots below. YOU MUST keep clicking force close until you see the "Continue" message as shown in the third screen shot. The reason for this is because the MetaMorph needs to modify (2) files "SystemUI.apk" and "framework-res.apk" If you jump the gun an do not press the Continue button your "WiFi IN Range" icons will not be themed. You…
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