Galaxy Nexus

Just how big is the Nexus 6?

The Nexus 6 isn’t for everyone because of it’s enormous 6-inch (5.96) display, but how does it stack up against its predecessors? Thanks to Phone Arena, we have images of the Nexus 6 next to each Nexus phone ever released.  Some of these images my scare you, but what was a large phone in 2010 is not a large phone today. Hit the break for all the images and let us know what you think of the Nexus 6. Too big? Just right? Or dare I say, too small? source: Phone Arena Come comment on…
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CyanogenMod 11 M10 Adds Support For The Sprint Galaxy S5 And New Bug Tracker App, Drops Verizon And Sprint Galaxy Nexus


It's that time of the month again, CyanogenMod ROM fans. In fact it's a bit past that time of the month, reportedly thanks to a heavy workload and the Labor Day weekend, but now that the CM11 monthly update is up to the M10 release, we won't hold it against the CyanogenMod Team. The biggest change to the M build is a brand new bug tracker app, which makes it easy for users to submit anonymized bug reports to CM along with a stacktrace whenever a system app crashes. CyanogenMod 11 M10 Adds Support For…
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How To – MetaMorphs – Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE


Step 1. Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE device needs to be rooted. THIS IS A MUST MetaMorphs will not work without root access installed on the device!!! If you have yet to root your device please follow our how to instructions by clicking here. Step 2. Install BusyBox you can do this by going to the Android Market on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus device and search for "BusyBox" (install the app by JRUMMY16). Open the application press "ALLOW" when it asks to Grant BusyBox Root Permissions. Step 3. Next you are going to need…
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How To – Root – Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE


Lots of crazy articles floating on the internet to root your Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE device. I've created a much easier tutorial than most of the other posts available on the internet. Step 1. First thing you are going to need is the Samsung USB Drivers (for windows). Download the file below to your computer and install. Make sure your device is not connected via USB yet. Download via Step 2. Next you are going to need ( Download this file to your computer as well. Once the download is finished create a…
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