Turn based battler Onmyoji has had an English release

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Onmyoji Android

The hit turn based battler Onmyoji has finally had an English release on Android. It originally launched back in 2016 but has finally launched with English text.

Onmyoji tells the story of a world divided by a war between the humans and demons. They’re both vying for control over the world, you see.

Summon Shikigami to fight off demons in Onmyoji, out for the first time in English

So it’s up to you to summon a bunch of helpful spirits called Shikigami to fight off the demons. There are hundreds of these to collect and each has skills, skins, and back stories.

It’s not just single player though. You can add your friends in game and battle alongside them to defeat bosses. You can even create a guild and play together if you so wish.

And it’s out right now on Google Play, so go ahead and grab it from there if you’re interested.

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