Anticipated strategy-RPG Lionheart: Dark Moon is out now

  ·  4 months ago  

2014’s Lionheart Tactics was a real treat – a free-to-play strategy RPG on mobile that could hold its own against console genre giants like Final Fantasy and Disgaea.

And now we’ve got follow-up. Lionheart: Dark Moon is a story-driven strategy RPG in which you have to drive away the Darkness by destroying the Shards of Whisper.

The Darkness sounds pretty menacing, but we’re pretty sure most people could handle a shard of whisper. In any case, along the way you’ll build and level up an army of heroes from 100 available characters.

[embedded content]

There’s also multiplayer, weekly events, and quests, with guilds and guild battles planned for the future. Sounds like a blast.

Lionheart: Dark Moon is out now. Get it here.