MetaMorph – Galaxy Nexus – Soft Keys – Blue

Mar 29th AT 10:18 PM
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1. Download file below, note this file requires the MetaMorph Application
2. Move to “Android Themes” folder created by MetaMorph on SD card
3. After checks, choose “Unzip/Extract New
4. Follow instructions from there
5. Phone may reboot, if not, manually reboot

Detailed how-to for Ice Cream Sandwich Devices.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Only) or other Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Devices.

Please keep in mind by preforming any modification to any of your Android devices can cause your device to break or brick. & affiliates cannot be held responsible for your action. Please remember to always make a nandroid backup before installing any modification to your device. Some MetaMorphs will not be compatibile with your device or ROM please make sure that you always have a way to “unbrick your device”.

Ice Cream Sandwich Back to Stock Download for Ice Cream Sandwich Devices

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