Amazon Kindle Fire – How To Change Lock Slider Color

I switched the Amazon Kindle Fire Lock Slider applying a MetaMorph patch, instructions below will explain how to easily mod your Lock Slider color. Your Amazon Kindle Fire Needs to be ROOTED! Do not attempt to apply this if you are not, it simply won’t work!

Essentials Required:
– USB Cable
– Root Access (Click here for more info)
– MetaMorph (Can be downloaded from the Android Market Click here for the Market Install Tutorial
– MetaMorph LockSlider Green Style (.ZIP) – (DO NOT EXTRACT THIS!) Download - (17.5 kB) (47) times.

Step 1. You must have the MetaMorph application installed on your Kindle Fire from the Android Market place like shown below. Free version is fine but if you would like to show your support grab the donate version!

Step 2. Next connect your USB cable to your Kindle Fire and your Computer, enable it so you can transfer files between the two. On your computer open the SD-Card folder like shown below.

Step 3. Inside of the SD-Card of the Kindle, you need to create a new folder and it must be exactly formatted this way “AndroidThemes” this is where the MetaMorph (.zip) files are going to be stored, so the MetaMorph application knows where to look.

Step 4. Now if you didn’t download the file from above you need do so by clicking here, DO NOT EXTRACT IT, you are going to copy the .ZIP file to the “AndroidThemes” file you just created on your sd.

Step 5. Disconnect your Kindle device from your computer, unplug the USB cable and open up the MetaMorph app on your Kindle device. Choose “Unzip/Extract new theme“.

Step 6. Select the “” file. (Press on it)

Choose “Close

Choose “Apply all!

Choose “Continue

Step 7. It may take a few minutes, but your device will reboot itself once it boots back up you will notice your lock screen has been switched to Droid Green. Enjoy

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  1. Rooting the Kindle Fire will not allow you to stream Amazon Videos.

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  2. that is why you root, make your changes, and then unroot. Then amazon video will work just fine.

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  3. I did the above and got it. I just want to know if its possible to revert back to the original wallpaper?

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    • I meant to post this on the wallpaper page.

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      • Sergio, I am going to make a mod so it will revert back to stock. Give me a few.

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  4. I did this patch, now my Fire is stuck on the Kindle Fire Boot screen. How do I get it back to normal,,thanks

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    • Never mind, I figured it out..

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  5. Hey, I’m experience an issue with doing this. My kindle won’t start up anymore, its just stuck on the kindle fire start up screen when you turn it on. Anything I can do to fix this?

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  6. Do u get it if not YOU NEED TO READ IT AGIAN

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  7. How do I remove this from my Kindle?

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