ViewSonic G-Tablet – Apps & Games w/ Full Screen Supports

Mar 9th AT 1:28 AM
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Justin is the creator of Droidpirate. He was first introduced to Android with the Motorola Droid back in 2009 and he's have been hooked ever since. He started Droidpirate for his MetaMorph content and it grew into a full blown Android blog. He's been in the computer industry and designing websites since 1998.


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6 Responses to ViewSonic G-Tablet – Apps & Games w/ Full Screen Supports

  1. notwen says:

    gun bros can’t seem to get past the opening glu splashscreen before fc’ing. gtab + tnt-lite. any ideas?

  2. justin says:

    Wierd, Works fine on my G-tablet running tntlite 4.2.5… what version are you running?

  3. Cunyhia says:

    are they ever going to get any hidden object adventure games

  4. Linda G says:

    I downloaded and installed words with friends but it needs an upgrade to function properly. Help. I have a viewsonic g tablet.

  5. peppe says:

    Hi guys,
    I will like to find Skype for viewsonic tablet win a good video call and an application that puts all the icons on the home page

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