How To – ViewSonic G-Tablet – Bootup Faster

I was messing around with changing the Bootup animation for the ViewSonic 10.1″ G-Tablet when I put on the new bootanimation I noticed it was a lot smaller in size then the original one that was on there. When I powered off and powered back on the device I notice the boot time was a hell of a lot quicker. Also this is going to change your existing bootup animation to the image shown in the bottom of this post (also there is really no animation just a single image).

What You Will Need:
Root Access to your G-Tablet device

Step 1. Download the – Download via (Updated 4/8/2011)
(Make sure you do not extract the .zip file!!! DO NOT EXTRACT!)

Step 2. Connect your G-Tab to your Computer and Enable USB Mass Storage Mode

Step 3. Copy the “” file to your SD-Card (just remember where you add it either Root of your SD or make a new folder it doesn’t matter but you will need it soon).

Step 4. Open up the RootExplorer program navigate to “SDCard” inside the RootExplorer program. Find where ever you placed the “” file. Press and hold on the file so the menu comes up – Choose “Copy“.

Step 5. Keep pressing back on the RootExplorer application so it takes you to the directory “/” You should now see a folder that says “logodata” open it. Next click paste at the bottom of the screen and overwrite the existing

Step 6. Power off your G-Tablet and Power back on, leave a comment below if you in deed see a speed result.

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  1. Don’t notice a huge difference, perhaps a little quicker. The other one was prettier. LOL.

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    • Lol agreed. I will be posting more animated bootup animations for the device.

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  2. Thanks for the tnt lite mod and boot logo, I’m now almost ready to retire my netbook. Just one apps I need to fix video chat skype and fring is not a option which thats leaves me to yahoo messenger I have installed ym 1.3.1 and the ym plugin from market. I could use vidoe call but the video is not rotating (not in landscape). Any links to fix this issue or apps that I could try? I have no luck googling it. Im using tntlite 2.2 DP mod.


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