How To – G-Tablet Recover From a Brick

Nov 27th AT 8:31 PM
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Justin is the creator of Droidpirate. He was first introduced to Android with the Motorola Droid back in 2009 and he's have been hooked ever since. He started Droidpirate for his MetaMorph content and it grew into a full blown Android blog. He's been in the computer industry and designing websites since 1998.


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64 Responses to How To – G-Tablet Recover From a Brick

  1. Todd says:

    Just, Last night my gTablet shut down, unexpectedly with over 30% battery charge left. I just thought maybe the battery was low. I plugged it in overnight and when I tried to power it up this morning it would go to the viewsonic launch screen and then the gTablet screen and shortly after it would shut-down completely.

    I was taking this as, I must have “Bricked it”. So I followed your instructions above, and it unpacked the recovery, but now it powers down just after the “TapnTap” launch screen.

    Do you have any advice for me?? Hopefully??



  2. Jared says:

    When I start up the recovery the gtablet tries to load the file but then gives me a yellow triangle with an “!” in the middle and then stops. Any ideas?

  3. Todd says:

    Hey Justin,

    On one of my other gTablets, it just keeps cycling through re-boot. I have tried to reboot with the instructions above (I’ve done it before on the other gTablets I have).
    But it starts to install and shows unpackaging and then half-way through it shows a triange “alert”, and then starts cycling all over again. Over and Over. Can you help??? Thanks

  4. ASH says:

    You are the BEST!!! – Thank you so much for posting this; TNT 2.2 doesn’t work well with TitaniumBackup latest that you have posted ( or I am screwing up somewhere.. My Viewpad went on an recursive loop after I installed the apk. I just now recovered it with your restore image… YOU ARE AWESOME!

  5. Bill says:

    If I have already flashed and finished putting tnt on the gtab but i want to go back to day 1 do I still have to do all of these steps or can i just go to settings and factory reset? I want to use VEGAn and install clockwork but I also cant find a d/l of clockwork… But do I even need to do this to install VEGAn?

  6. Ron says:

    What is the actual file out of the the zip that needs to be loaded on the SD card along with the “recovery folder”?

  7. Ron says:

    I’m stuck with a variety of error messages, “google.process.apps” has stopped, or “android.process.acore” has stopped and seems to be in a loop. I just want to do a hard factory reset to dump my stuff and get a new one.

    Settings and dashboard home are both unaccessible with the error messages.

  8. Zach says:

    So, I have tried to do this and my G Tablet is now repeating the TnT loading page, where the Tap’s go away and the n with the things above it load, then goes back to saying TapnTap and repeats, about 10 times, then shuts down. I have tried installing this package content as stated (and have had it work successfully before) but to no avail this time. Any help would be great because as of right now i just have an annoying slide show rather than a tablet. Thanks!

  9. Jeff says:

    Having the same problem as Zach. Where the tablet appears to load recovery and gets stuck on the TnT, cycles through that logo flashing on screen about 10x and powers down. I have the files in the root directory of the card. When I reset I get a slightly different message:

    Detected a recovery key pressed
    Booting from recovery kernel image

    It goes through the unpack the box picture, progress bar, and never gets past the TnT. My best guess is that it is loading a “bad” recovery image off the device and not the card? Any suggestions?

  10. Cindy says:

    OMG, I am crying to see my g-tablet working again! IF you were here, I’ll be kissing you! THANKS FOR THIS POST, WORK LIKE A CHARM. I ALL MOST WAIT FOR TOMORROW AND CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT! THANKS A MILLION TIMES!

  11. Lee says:

    I’m having the same problem as everyone else. My Gtablet was working fine and then… bam… re-occuring booot screen. I put the filesyou identified on the Micro SD, in a file named root and just on the Micros SD.. not in a folder. When I boot it and hold the recovery keys, I get the message “Booting recoover kernel image” and then iy says “Android”, gives me the triangle ICON and then reboots to the re-occuring boot screen again… I’m nt even a novice.. is there something specific I am supposed to do to make the “rooot” folder bootable?

  12. Lee says:

    ok.. went back and figure out enough to get the darn thing to boot error the same as everyone above. Is this thing savable or no?

  13. Lee says:

    Ok… I had to figure it out on my own. For those using TNT and geting the triangle with the exclamation point in it… this is what I did…

    Wipe you MicroSD card.

    Downlaod Clock Works Mod V8. File name is cwmod_v8.

    Extract that on to your Micro SD Card.. Insert in “ye old brick” once known as a G Tablet.. Volume + and Power to put the tablet into Boot Recovery Mode.

    Clock works will open. Wipe User Files. Heads up, I had never seen Clock works before… use the volume key to move up and down and the House Icon on the touch screen for select. Back icon works normal.

    Once you wipe the user files…. pull out the MicroSD card, pop it into your PC, wipe the MicroSD card and put your ROM on it… I uploaded the 4.2 TNT ROM again.

    Insert the MicroSD card back into the GTablet.


    Navigate to "load from MicroSD Card" or the equivilent.. I'm doing this from memory.

    Watch it load.

    My Gtablet is saved from the dead.

  14. Michael says:

    Hey when you say remove the SF card do you mean the internal one? Im not sure how to remove. I don’t have an external one.

    • justin says:

      Michael, I mean external you need to have an external sd-card for this to work. This is the only method I have ever used on my G-tablet and one thats the most effective. You don’t need a huge one you could use 1GIG or 512kb. Would be worth it though for your G-tablet to get a large one for media on your device.

  15. Michael says:

    I meant SD Card….

  16. Jake says:

    I’ve followed the instructions however I can not get the tablet to load from the SD card, it starts the: Detected a recovery key pressed
    Booting from recovery kernel image

    Then looks like it is re installing but then goes right away to the old OS that is not working. It seems the tablet is not seeing the SD and is loading a damaged recovery from the tablet itself. Any help anyone?

  17. Lee says:

    You have to boot into Clockworks Mod from your SD card first, then pull your SD card, put your Android OS on it, re-insert into GTablet, then use Clockworks mod (which should have been still open) to boot from SD card.

    Then your golden.

    • jeff says:

      How do you boot into Clockworks Mod from the SD Card? I extracted the Recovery File and update zip and I can see that it now appears on my SD card in programs. What next?

  18. John says:

    Everyone on every site talks about the clockworks mod. I’m a pretty good googler, but nowhere can I actually find a download link. If anyone could help with that, it would be appreciated. Is this some sort of deep cover pirate app or something, because I can find warez easily, but not that simple utility.

    • Lou says:

      Installed Cyenogenmod.. cant get to recovery no matter what I do. Keeps booting into the rom can’t boot into clockwork thought is says its installed… help please thanks.

  19. Lou says:

    followed your direction but it only boots into the current rom no matter what I do ;(

  20. Jeff says:

    Does anyone have an alternate link to these files? The link is dead it appears. I just want to try and system restore. Caught in boot loop with no end.

    • justin says:

      Jeff updating them now… give me a few

      • Ab says:

        I just bought my g tablet less than two months ago and did not do any modifications to it at all. just a regular user who did all the updates that viewsonic sent out. i just tried turning it on again yesterday after turning it off a couple days ago with more than 40% battery left. now it shows the viewsonic screen with the birds, then the tap n tap screen but then just keeps rebooting about 10 times and eventually powers down. is this a virus or is it bricked(whatever that means)? would i be able to restore it using the technique you have posted? i would appreciate any help you can give me.

        • justin says:

          Ab, I doubt it would be bricked if you did not do any modifications. I would contact ViewSonic or take it back where you purchased it if you still could. Not sure what would happen trying the recovery from here, but if you brave it out and do try it please let us know how it works out. ~

          • Ab says:

            Thanks for the reply. Luckily I bought the sears 2 yr warranty so I will just get a gift card for the purchase price. What do you guys think about the archos 101 or the new xoom? i love android but the only problem i have is the instability. i’m a newbie and not good with tweaking and fixing so I am thinking of maybe getting an ipad since its more stable.

  21. David says:

    I think I bricked the Gpad.. Even after a complete power drain I’m not able get the gpad to recognize the Volume up. It sits on the View sonic splash screen and no matter what combination of Power / Vol will display anything. I have loaded several ROMS without an issue till today. Any ideas as it will not boot to recovery.

  22. Fid e ye says:

    “This will …… ” I bricked my device four different ways and I was able to recover everytime!”

    I wish you had bricked your device FIVE different ways ‘cos it appears mine is bricked the fifth way (backlight comes on, but that’s all!). Your method recovery method isn’t working for me.

  23. Clint says:

    Im getting the same thing too. Just boots to a blank white screen. Cant get the device to detect a recovery button press. Not even sure what happened to my tablet. It was working fine yesterday and this morning all i get is the blank white screen. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Gtab says:

      @ Clint mines went to the blank screen as well. Funny thing though….all i did was turn it on its side(straight up) and gave it a mild tap against the desk lol and my screen came back to life lol….tru story… now i have done some mods and bricked my gTab and this method or any other method is not working….i jus spent 12 hrs lookin and googling boot loop fixes….no luck

  24. Evan says:

    So real simple. What about ppl who have NOT been able to root the device? I turned mine on, worked just fine, turned it off for travel to a friends to work on it. Got there, turned it on, just shows Viewsonic Birds screen, then Tap n Tap screen flashes 5 – 10 times, and it goes back off. The “recovery method” just says “loading recovery kernel”, and then does the same thing as before.

    So here it goes. I am a Computer Network major with average experience with Windows and Linux systems. I NEED this thing to work before I leave on a trip Thurs. I am flying with a 2 yr old and he needs entertainment. lol. I am not a noob, but not a pro either. New to Android, but I need some help. I have NOT been able to even change settings or anything to it. Nothing. Zip. Its bricked, but will not seem to boot off the sd card either. Any help would be AWESOME!

  25. Jeff Ames says:

    Just bricked my new g Tablet as I was trying to install Cyanogenmod 6.1, beta 4. I used ROM manager and everything looked fine during the installation. Once finished, it booted up and all I see are the three birds and nothing happens. I followed your steps and it showed the box installing, but it rebooted to the same screen with the birds and it doesn’t boot. Any suggestions?


  26. Lucho says:


  27. Chuck says:

    My g tablet is stuck in an attempt to do a factory reset. I accidentally replaced the original recovery folder with another in an attempt to flash cwm. Any suggestions?

  28. Dopeshat says:

    I am stuck. I was putting a different ROM on and overwrote the recovery folder and update zip. Now I am stuck at the viewsonic boot screen.

  29. ghh says:

    Followed instructions. No luck. When I hold down power and + button, it goes to clockworkMod Recovery. How do I get it to go to the external SD card and do the restore?

  30. David says:

    Need help, followed instructions, just loops between birds and G tblet screen.

  31. Paul says:

    Downloaded, installed and working. Thanks!

  32. Jean-Claude Ethier says:

    I had the problem of not having :Found recovery image so but the 2 files and the update unzip on the SD card .Open tablet with cloword mod go to apply zip from sd and go to the original tablet.
    Now everything work and I put Vegan on

  33. Tektronix says:

    I have the blank white screen cant enter into cwm no matter what. When you hook up the usb cable no recondnition. Cant do anything. Please help!

  34. rish says:

    where can i download the files..i dont see anything to download it

  35. mat says:

    I can’t get past the three birds and the “Booting recovery kernel image). I’ve tried this with multiple and recovery folders. How can I be sure that something is trying to access the SD card? Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

  36. Mikael REALE says:

    Hi, guys

    Help !!!
    My GTAB don’t even start when I press the on/off key since this afternoon, it’s fully charged, green light when I plug it.
    Anyone have an advice ?
    Sorry for my spelling I’m french.


  37. hndyman43 says:

    can’t get out of “booting recovering kernal image” screen.Tried doing what you wrote about downloading to microsd card but won’ t download. i had mod the tablet is that the problem?

  38. freddie says:

    how can i fix the gtablet process android.process.acore msm

  39. mario says:

    when i turn on my G TABLET is say booting recovery kernel image how can i take that off.It dosen’t let me in nothing its like on freeze mode. HELP PLZ THANKS

  40. Sam says:

    Where are the files again? can’t seem to find them? Will this work if my viewsonic wont turn on, just the charging light is on?

  41. Nik says:

    Where are the download recovery files located? Not seeing on the site.

  42. donna says:

    where are the recovery files at? I dont see a link to download them

  43. Davy says:

    I cannot find download for your Restore file on this page. What am I missing?


  44. Giovanni says:

    pleaze the link???
    send me!!

  45. John says:

    Where are the files?

  46. Jatin says:

    Will the above method work for GTab p700+ . Actually my gtab was pattern locked. Now it is aking for id and password. But packet data was not enabled earlier. I tried to make a reset using recovery mode but when i open recovery mode, after gtab logo , a sleeping android image comes up. Recovry mode also not working. Can anyone please help to get my tab working again.

  47. dila says:

    wow thanx soooo much

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