How to Boot your Device into Recovery Mode

Aug 19th AT 2:14 AM
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If you have already ROOTed your device then the hard part is already done. If you are still wondering how to reboot your device into Recovery mode follow these few simple steps.

Manual Recovery Mode:
1. Completely power off your device
2. Slide out your keypad (Moto Droid)
3. Before turning your device on, press and hold the letter “X
4. Now turn the power on your device while keeping the letter “X” held
5. Your device should now reboot into “SPRecovery” or “ClockWorkModRecovery” depending on which version was installed with your ROM.

Enter Recovery Using Ultimate Droid:
One of the best ROM features I like about Ultimate Droid, is that when you press and hold the power button, it will give you a bunch of options, “Silent Mode”, “Airplane Mode”, “Reboot”, “Reboot to Recovery”, and “Power Off”.

Well if you are using Ultimate Droid its simple – Press and hold the power button until the menu displays.
Next press “Reboot to Recovery”
Give it a few seconds and your phone should reboot and you should have now successfully entered Recovery Mode.
[image soon]

What Do I Do if I Don’t Have Recovery:
Coming soon – I’m working on the tutorial.

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  1. james sherry says:

    i have htc evo how can i change bottom doc using micforyo 4.4

  2. dakota says:

    Thank you so much i’ve searched thru numerous forums trying to find this info. it worked like a charm, your the best and thank you again!

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